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Join our Cooking Club.  Every Tuesday in February 5 to 6 p.m.  This month we will focus on Chocolate!  Find out the difference between white and dark chocolate.  Where chocolate comes from.  And most important we will invent our own chocolate bar. 



Kids restaurant take over!  Do you have a child that loves to cook?  That dreams of becoming a chef?  Or maybe they are just interested in business?  Or ready to have lots of fun.  Join us for your restuarant take over.  We will meet Tuesdays in March 4 to 5 and then they will get a chance to run their own restuarant on March 26th.  


Knockout Challenge

$25 dollars to enter

Rules are simple, the last one standing will be announced the knockout challenge champion!

In each round, contestants will have to eat hot wings.  With each the round the wings get hotter. Simply tap out when you think the wings are too hot and you will not be able to continue.  The last constant standing will be crowned the knock out King or Queen.  They will win a $50 gift certificate to the Main Street Deli, a t-shirt announcing their title, and their picture of the Wall of Flame with a headline reading knock out Champion.

Feb. 28th at 6 p.m.